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Introduction to Photography

Course overview

If you are passionate about analogue photography and eager to delve deeper into the craft, this course is tailor made for you. Centered on 35mm SLR film cameras and black and white film processing, it provides hands-on learning experiences.

Course information

Throughout the course, participants will grasp the fundamental operations and adjustments of analogue cameras, along with mastering exposure and light metering techniques. Students will have the opportunity to capture images using a 35mm SLR film camera and shoot their own black and white film, followed by learning the intricacies of film processing within our dedicated black and white darkroom.

Additionally, the course offers an introduction to black and white printing techniques, covering aspects such as contact sheets and basic enlargement for creating prints. By the end of the course, attendees will possess a thorough understanding of camera operation, adeptness in manual controls, film selection, film processing, and the ability to produce contact sheets and prints.