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EKC Dover College Pride

26 June 2024
Dover Pride comes to EKC Dover College

Our first Pride event was a resounding success, drawing enthusiastic participation from students and staff alike. The celebration began with a vibrant march around the campus, with staff members lining the route to cheer and support the students.  

Pride march with students and staff

Following the march, attendees enjoyed a variety of activities at several stalls. Highlights included face painting, glittery hairstyles, DIY sign-making, and face masks. The festivities continued with lively music provided by our resident DJ, creating an energetic and joyful atmosphere. 

Students enjoying the Pride event

Thank you Dover Pride, Metro, and Porchlight, who came onsite to talk to our students and contribute to this great event. The College community is already looking forward to planning the next Pride event, building on the success of this memorable day. 

Dover staff with Porchlight, Metro and Dover Pride