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Studying at EKC Dover College

When you study at the Ofsted Outstanding, EKC Dover College, you benefit from expert teaching, a thriving student experience, and excellent student support.

Studying at EKC Dover College puts you in the heart of the town and community, with our students taking part in local projects throughout the year.

EKC Dover College building

Discover our College

Our campus is a modern site offering a wide range of programmes.

The campus boasts excellent facilities including a salon, automotive workshop, aeroplane simulation suite, student spaces and an on-site refectory.

With access to professional-standard equipment students get to train with the tools used in industry.

We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment in which to learn.


Your student experience

As an EKC Dover College student, you gain access to a great student experience alongside your academic studies.

Our students get a wide range of opportunites throughout the academic year, which you can make the most of when you study here.

Our Facilities

EKC Dover College’s facilities are available to all students and staff.

Automotive Workshop

Our new automotive workshop features cutting edge technology and brand new training equipment, including electric vehicle equipment, enabling students to develop the skills that employers need.

The workshop offers a dedicated learning space for people to reskill and employers seeking to upskill existing staff, as well as MOT inspection courses for members of the local community and businesses.

The Salon

The Salon is the high-street-quality commercial salon at EKC Dover College. It offers a range of hair treatments under the supervision of industry experts.

It is the perfect place to unwind and get that little bit of time just for yourself – without breaking the bank.