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The Best Things to do in Dover

21 March 2024
Studying at EKC Dover College and looking for the best things to do? Keep reading to see our top picks.

Are you studying at EKC Dover College and looking for the best things to do? Keep reading to find out more.

Dover is a town and major ferry port in Kent, South East England with many things to do and see from fun to educational activities.

Visit the White Cliffs

Dover is known for its iconic White Cliffs, facing the strait of Dover and France across the English Channels. The White Cliffs of Dover have historical significance, serving as a natural defence for Britain. They have become a popular tourist attraction with walking trails along the cliffs to admire the best views.

Explore Dover Castle

Dover Castle is a medieval castle located on the Strait of Dover, the shortest sea crossing between England and Europe, putting it in a position of strategic importance throughout history. You can discover the secret wartime tunnels beneath the castle, explore the great tower, walk the battlements, or relax in the castle’s gardens and enjoy refreshments.

Game at GameBase

Located in the town centre is one of the UK’s largest gaming arenas; GameBase. Offering gamers a social space with a variety of games and consoles such as VR, PCs, Xbox and PlayStation. Whether you’re a competitive game or looking for a fun activity GameBase offers a wide range of interactive games.

Relax at Dover Beach

Head down to Dover Beach for a fun day, whether you want to be lounging in the sun, playing games or taking a dip in the sea, the beach offers plenty of fun and free activities.

Watch a film at Cineworld

Just a short walk from College is Cineworld Cinema, a popular, modern cinema offering a wide range of films. From blockbusters to independent releases there is something for everyone to enjoy. Cineworld offers lots of facilities such as multiple screens, comfortable seating and refreshments and concessions.

Discover the Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery

If you are looking for an engaging and educational activity The Dover Museum is the perfect place to visit. Dover Museum is a local history museum that showcases the heritage and story of the port and town of dover from prehistoric to modern day.  With artifacts spanning a variety of periods, visitors can explore the displays. The Bronze Age Boat Gallery is an extension and is dedicated to the preservation and display of the Dover Bronze Age Boat.

Whatever your interests, studying at EKC Dover College opens up opportunities to explore a range of activities and get you trying new things.